• Cut and Style
    Cut and Style

    Salon experience brought to your own home

  • Haircuts for Men
    Haircuts for Men

    take the hassle out of going to the salon or barber

  • Couples, families, friends
    Couples, families, friends

    Convenience of multiple cuts in one visit

  • All types of Hair
    All types of Hair

    Short, long, thick or thin, Willie will make you look great

  • Special Occasions
    Special Occasions

    Styling for that important or glamorous event

  • Weddings

    Styling for the Bride and her Bride Maids

About Willie

Willie has been cutting and styling hair for over 25 years in San Francisco. He has had the pleasure of working with all types of clients. Many have become his friends due to all the years of repeat business. He has built a reputation as being professional, along with having unique character - always full of life, ready for a laugh, and a fashion sense that is all his own. Having an appointment with Willie is not just a haircut - it's an experience. Not only will he make you look great, his vivaciousness will make you feel good all day.

Willie is now offering to come to your own location and provide that same experience that you would otherwise have to go to the salon for. Think about the convenience of not having to drive, plan ahead, or otherwise go out of your way to make it to a salon. Willie will travel to you. You will see a list of the services he provides below.

Give him a call and see what he can do for you.


All types of hair and styles welcome. Younger, older, daring or classic, Willie will make you look and feel great. Willie also specializes in curly hair and Afro American natural hair.
Willie gets along great with Children. Make it a family haircut day and trim up everyone with one appointment.
Just need a styling for that special event? No problem, Willie is here to assist. Any type of styling, blow dry, and up-do's are possible. He also has expertise with dreadlocks and twists.
Willie loves weddings - all the action and anticipation while making everyone in the wedding party look their very best. Give him a call to discuss your individual needs. He'll help make your dream wedding come true.


  • I wouldn’t get my hair cut anywhere else. Willie is my guy! He’s stayed with me through work-appropriate, funky-cool, color, no color, need-a-cut-that-will-look-awesome-for-weeks-because-I’m-too-busy and everything in between.

    Lisa F.
  • With many years of experience, he not only has excellent skills, and does my hair exactly how I want it and makes it look great, but I can also trust him to come up with a clean, updated new look that fits my personality and (in my case: low-maintenance) lifestyle. On top of all that, he is an intriguing study in dressing style, too, since he always shows up sharp and original. His banter ranges from celebrity gossip, to the latest music and clubs, to San Francisco events to – somewhat surprisingly – college football. A country boy at heart, Willie seems to know every college team in the country. All around, Willie is a treasure in the City.

    Mark B.
  • Willie is amazing! I now might have my best hair cut ever. These are definitely the best bangs I’ve ever had.
    He was very considerate and professional: he got to know me and what I wanted. But most of all, he is incredibly talented. My layers are perfect, my curls are showing, and I’m constantly getting compliments on my hair.

    Emily K.
  • Willie is the MAN! He did wonders!!! He gave me a new style, which I wanted, and as I have fine hair and he specializes in, I lucked out! Willie even styled my hair afterward! He has 20+ years experience and is a friendly, down to earth lad.

    Maddy B.
  • WILLIE IS A HAIR GOD! I’ve been going to him for the past 2 and a half years, and I never let anyone else touch my hair, even though I live in NYC for most of the year. I refuse to let him go! Willie is super friendly, energetic, sassy, and most importantly, really knows what he’s doing. I usually give just him a general idea of what I want, and he takes care of the rest. But he’s also very open to my suggestions. I always end up with a great haircut. Thanks, Willie!

    Meaghan J.